Grimes County Ranch

$745,423.00  |  Size: 93.47 Acres  |  Type: Ranch Land  |  Options: Purchase



This ranch has a great balance of improved pasture, trees and native grasses.  There’s a slight elevation change as you move across the property which ranges from 216 feet to 252 feet.  Situated in the Brazos Valley, the deep and fertile soils allow many varieties of trees to grow easily such as Pecan, Aleppo Pine, Deodar Cedar, American Holly and Oak.

Grazing cattle are the majority of the wildlife on the property.  Small numbers of feral hogs are on the property as well.  With its reliable water, plentiful forage, cattle pens and sound fencing, the ranch can comfortably carry 20-25 cow-calf pairs in non-drought years.

Minerals rights are negotiable.

Water is supplied to the property via two wells, one at the entrance and one located in the middle of the property.  The natural creek that flows through the property has excellent water catchment and remains with good supply even in the summer.

Access to the ranch is either by FM 3090 or County Road 403.  FM 3090 is a two-lane paved road and County Road 403 is a caliche road.  Both are maintained by the county. FM 3090 runs east and west and intersects County Road 403 north of the property. The property is located on County Road 403.

Power is available at the front of the property and via power lines to the middle/back of the property.  The ranch has an old hunting cabin, two ranch barns two cattle pens and a two wells.

This ranch resides in Grimes County. It is located between College Station, TX (28 miles) and Houston, TX (78 miles), and is situated 6 miles west of Anderson, TX which is the County seat of Grimes County. The ranch is only 40 miles from Lake Conroe which is a 21,000-acre lake near Houston.